Hello world!

So…I’ve been told that I should start to blog about my experiences, etc…so…I’m gonna try this little world out and see what comes of it. I definitely tend to ramble on at length about random thoughts/ideas that find their way into my head, so…perhaps this will be a good outlet. The title of “Hello world” amuses me quite a bit…I feel as if I’m being announced to the world like a debutante or something of that nature…its a but off-putting. Am I expected to say something witty and insightful? Goodness, that is quite a lot of pressure…needless to say, I do hope at some points to hit on something that inspires and/or provokes thought, but…I can’t promise anything about the frequency of postings of that nature. Anyhoo…enough rambling about what I may or may not write about and achieve on this blog. I suppose we’ll all find out when I next post. laters