…meanwhile back at the Ranch :)

Last night a thing of great beauty occurred at Edgewood Children’s Ranch. A large audience filled the venue and witnessed the product of the combined efforts of about 40 young people. Last night was opening and (sadly) closing night for the Ranch’s production of Everyman II. For the last two and a half months these students have pushed themselves beyond their comfort zones and invested their time and energy so that they could be a part of something greater than themselves.  They came to us (the REP) last fall with a desire to put up their own production when only months before many of them had not been exposed to the theatre and were very hesitant about the thought of getting up and performing! And yet, they were amazingly brave and confident in requesting to put on a show. They had something to say.  Luckily for me, my boss and mentor came to me with the project and asked me to direct.  After spending the fall facilitating workshops with these kids, I had already fallen in love with them and was absolutely ecstatic at being asked to take a role in this project…and we hit the ground running. The students that showed up to the staged reading of the play to kick things off were shy, nervous, and a little intimidated…yet they showed up the next week ready to audition. They impressed both myself and my assistant director with their preparedness at the auditions. Despite being reserved and scared of looking ridiculous in front of their peers, they trusted in myself and my creative team and got silly with us as we played with and explored this piece. Throughout the rehearsal process their characters became more defined, their ability to “take direction” increased, and their confidence grew. Meanwhile, several other amazing teachings artists were working with two other groups of students from the Ranch to build and paint our set! My greatest desire in taking on this project was that this work be a true reflection of the students…and that is exactly what was revealed to the audience last night – their hard work turned into a moving and inspiring work of art. A shining example of why I love what I do. I am so grateful to these students for allowing me to guide them in this process, for trusting me, befriending me, and inspiring me.


In Between

The past few days I’ve been driving…a lot…and out in the country…I’ve seen many cows, goats, and horses (no sheep, though…alas) Monday however, I found myself driving through the little town of Between…yes, I found myself in Between…and it struck me how apt that was….being in Between. I began thinking about my life and how I feel all at sorts…trying to figure things out…I chuckled because this town was, well, in between the where I started and where I was heading that morning…I wondered if I would always be/feel in Between…and within 5 minutes, I was no  longer there…